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Currently our labor rate is 84.00 per hour. Your only billed for actual hours spent on your project. We have an experienced staff and get right to work on your car -- your not paying us to stand around trying to figure out how to fix it. Currently our business is focused on restoration and do collision damage to newer vehicles on a very limited basis but can refer you to a reputable shop for that type of work.
We take a down payment when the vehicle is dropped off at our shop and bill incremental as work proceeds,we are not a production type shop but are focused on quality. We give priority to classic car collision repairs but otherwise do not like to be rushed.  Photos are taken throughout the entire process and either e-mailed to the customer or placed on a cd and mailed. Storage is available on site if something should come up and you want us to stop repairs for a while. Be aware that some costs are involved for this plus storage fees.